Sitemap - 2020 - Arv' Musings

as we complete one more revolution around the sun

3 quotes for Dec 25

on saboteurs around us and hulk arms

when showing up is not enough

3 quotes for Dec 18

what we can learn from someone committed to getting results

5 things that I'd like my parents to do

3 quotes for Dec 11

25 pushups and unhappy

triads, continuums and GPP

3 quotes for Dec 4

on peer pressure and when does it go away?

on trying things out the second time around

3 quotes for Nov 27, 2020

Don't think. Feeeeel!

here's how to carve an hour a day for your health habit

3 quotes for this week - Nov 20

the hour that has the biggest impact on my health

where I fell in love with fitness

how strong should one aim to be?

what if "the burn" = cravings

are you struggling to find motivation?

a dog bit me on my butt

3 quotes to get you thinking

on failing my first-ever strength certification

on how we think about things

on lemon-water and cayenne pepper

on waking up early

on swimming in the winter in Calcutta

on shiny objects

can I cancel my ice-cream with my running?

on the advantage of not being elite

on radically rethinking your plate

on a day when something clicked

on seeing the progress made

on transforming your identity

on calorie counting

on cravings

12 weeks on, 1 week off

transition between work-mode and family-mode

if it is not about the 'what', then what is it about?

on losing work-life balance

on 9 years of The Quad

the easiest person to fool

how to read food labels

everything is right

training is not isolated from life

when I lose these 10 kilos, everything will be fine

on buying peace of mind!

on the free time we've created

on effort vs results

on finding what you are capable of

how do you find balance?

I have a plan. Attack!

can we buy more money?

on trash cans and sunk costs

don't hit that snooze button

can we buy more time?

practicing being in the moment

on eating heart-healthy cereals

sometimes we need a jolt

the plate inversion protocol

on the fear of crashing/falling/failing

on forward progress

on cheat codes

cleaning out your pantry

on finding your wolf

the magic ingredient

on crawling

on over-complicating things and the obvious

on being too regimented

a simple drill for becoming a better listener

on one rep at a time

on giving feedback

on procrastination

find your anchor

on framing the problem

on art, interpretation, and context

Am I doing this right?

on desired outcomes

on plateaus

the 2 best activities for fat loss

which is the best diet out there?

on labels and identity

how do you get started with this fitness thing anyway?!

my Tom Sawyer moment

learn the kettlebell swing

on coaching myself

enjoy it

on keeping silent

feel the burn

Forgetting how to run

being in the moment

learn the kettlebell swing; 2/4

setting a base standard for strength

missing the point

realising the obvious

a saucer of milk

even ARR had starting trouble

the camel's hump

ups and downs

don't check your weight

reading slower

learn the kettlebell swing; step 1/4

don't think. feel.

the where

how much

the what to do, which you already know

Which toothpaste to buy?

Going from abstract to actual


the spill-over effect of things we do

stumbling on to barefoot running

How to fall asleep faster

What is exercise-induced soreness

Walk 3 days a week

Starting Trouble

pattern interrupt

Following a recipe


Physical distancing

Stand in a different place

On counting steps and taking stairs

The weekend long run

Brute Force

being stubborn enough to not give up

if only there was a fat loss pill

games that don't work

Making breakfast for the first time

Second Nature

3 Powerful Hacks

Original Strength

Guilt and the uselessness of it

The Irish Lion and SF Rec League

Alcohol and Chocolates

Simple to Complex

Small beginnings

Musings on finding health, fitness and strength

Get out of the way

Are you guys warmed up?