the spill-over effect of things we do

how badminton helped my Ultimate

In kettlebell exercises, like in boxing, there are no wrists. That means you never allow your wrist to stray away from neutral because it can cause a huge power leak when you punch. If the wrists are hyper-extended when you hold a bell, they are not as well connected to your body. Plus it hurts.

In Ultimate Frisbee, the throw is all about the wrist. My throws were the bane of my game - it still is, but it is a lot better now. The constant advice of "more snap" made sense but I didn't get it.

For a couple of years, I had a Saturday badminton game going that was good fun and competitive. I played a lot of badminton as a kid, near-daily for many years recreationally. While it was still 20+ years since the last time I played regularly, I made it to a decent standard with a bit of regularity. Badminton is a lot of wristwork. You try to over-hit it, and well, you feel it in the shoulder and elbow and places. You use the wrist, and it feels better and lands better.

That wristwork in badminton woke up my brain, and allowed my wrists to be loose, and yet finish crisply. And I was able to implement more snap in Ultimate.

Software issues are interesting to work on. While this sounds like a hardware issue i.e. a problem with my wrist, it has more to do with my brain not allowing my wrists to be loose. My kettlebell training and use of wrists was not appropriate in Ultimate but my software did not allow loose wrists. Until badminton.

Seems obvious that doing new things and picking up hobbies, at least to a decent level for a decent bit of time, has good social and physiological and mental effects. Making the time is the hard part.