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barefoot running in winter

Biohacking 101

My sweet tooth

3 quotes for Dec 17, 2021

Get more out of your sleep.

How hard should your workout be?

3 quotes for Dec 10, 2021

Rocks, Pebbles, Sand 2.0

Choosing experiences

3 quotes for Dec 3, 2021

The joy of contradictions

Solving the maze

3 quotes for Nov 26, 2021

Dogs, and being in the moment

The Core, Part 2: Breathing and Bracing

3 quotes for Nov 19, 2021

Calluses and bicycle seats

What the heck is the core?

3 quotes for Nov 12, 2021

Friendly fire, sabotage, and homeostasis

Traditions, Guilt, Celebrations, Memories.

3 quotes for Nov 5, 2021

scales and beats and rolling and crawling

My sweet tooth and inner dialogues.

3 quotes for Oct 29, 2021

How to get endless motivation

How to reach escape velocity?

3 quotes for Oct 22, 2021

How to hack portion control.

What is a calorie deficit?

3 quotes for Oct 15, 2021

Find YOUR right answer.

Your fitness journey is a mass/masala movie.

3 quotes for Oct 8, 2021

3 surprising factors to kick-start stalled fat loss

How to smoke and drink daily and live to a 100

3 quotes for Sep 24, 2021

To heck with before-afters.

on overnight transformations

3 quotes for Sep 17, 2021

find your "me" time

My eating is out of control

3 quotes for Sep 10, 2021

Do you want it simple? Or easy?

What makes you tick?

3 quotes for Sep 3, 2021

the critic and the other guy

The key ingredient to a great training session

3 quotes for Aug 27, 2021

The endless game

break the rules.

3 quotes for Aug 20, 2021

the villain and the hero

Three clarifications

3 quotes for Aug 13, 2021

sitting is the new smoking.

the guilt pattern

3 quotes for Aug 6, 2021

why kettlebells and the story of Daedalus and Icarus

what is the game you are playing today?

3 quotes for July 30, 2021

chit chat during surgery

the ever-expanding universe

3 quotes for July 23, 2021

3 questions on strength training

solving it yourself vs using an expert

3 quotes for July 16, 2021

separating the coach from the lifter

Why do you ...

3 quotes for July 9, 2021

a diet is your comfort zone

on the power of showing up: a letter from a student

3 quotes for July 2, 2021

thrash your arms about like you just don't care

clamp your nose shut and get through it

lift more weight and run more distance than last week

learning to pause is a superpower

3 quotes for June 18, 2021

on crazy commutes and efficiency

on subbing out rice

3 quotes for June 11, 2021

pick one thing to get on the path of Mastery; 4/4

a fun night and a sucky morning-after

3 quotes for June 4, 2021

meet The Hacker; 3/4

on hard and fast rules.

3 quotes for May 28, 2021

meet the Obsessive type; 2/4

on the exploding fitness industry

3 quotes for May 21, 2021

on the 4 types of people and approaches

do we strength train to the exclusion of everything else?

3 quotes for May 14, 2021

a fool-proof system to lose weight

an email from a student on six months of progress

3 quotes for May 7, 2021

30 minutes to kickstart the change you are yearning for

on the endless cycle of losing weight and putting it back on

3 quotes for April 30, 2021

on keeping score.

on the eightfold path

3 quotes for April 23, 2021

on skill work and exponential progress

on zero-sum thinking and healthy competition

3 quotes for April 16, 2021

on useful binary thinking

on my triathlon experience

3 quotes for April 9, 2021

on not feeling like going to the gym

on being a bit angry

3 quotes for April 2, 2021

on calling out b*s*

on the shape that will actually make you happy

stick to it for at least 6 weeks

on shoving things under the carpet

3 quotes for March 19, 2021

on a rite of passage

3 quotes for March 12, 2021

4 actions you can take to handle work stress

on looking ripped and getting a 6-pack

3 quotes for March 5, 2021

fix your posture with these 3 fun movements

on road rage

3 quotes for Feb 26, 2021

7 strategies to help you beat that sugar craving

but I don't know how to ...

3 quotes for Feb 19, 2021

4 ways to supercharge the humble walk

create your dieting toolbox

3 quotes for Feb 12

3 techniques to boost your running

the limitations of others' dreams

3 quotes for Feb 5, 2021

find the gap

student story: having the courage to reject a path

3 quotes for Jan 29

3 misconceptions and how to right them

how to cure yourself of the need for instant gratification

3 quotes for Jan 22, 2021

5 things that our most successful students seem to do

on creaky joints and getting older

3 quotes for Jan 15, 2021

when we fall, what choice but to get up and go again?

student story: being unable to show up

3 quotes for Jan 8, 2020

two unique attributes to think about when lifting weights

don't confuse bodybuilding and strength training

3 quotes for Jan 1, 2021