You are absolutely correct. And I know you say this because you are walking this path. But when you look back you will realize that you had your mind made up, and created an environment for you where your habits could thrive. Many people are struggling with the environments that they are currently in. I think what's important for a lot of us is to have a realistic understanding of where we are, acknowledge the struggles we face that come in the way of long term well-being and ask for support. People still hesitate to work with a health/fitness coach or a dietitian or a therapist for their well being. We isolate ourselves and pretend like we don't have a problem or compare ourselves unfairly with other people's journey's. That needs to change. We must find the courage to seek help when help is needed. And focus on finding long term solutions that work for our lives.

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If I look back far enough, I had nothing aligned :)

I did one thing. And failed. And gave up. Repeat. Eventually, I did that one thing and it gave me results. And that snowballed.

You are absolutely right - we tend to isolate ourselves. That mindset shift, that humility and courage - when one has that, everything else is simple.

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