Sitemap - 2023 - Arv' Musings

My 5 Favourite Books in 2023

The Secret to Successful Team Dynamics

Unravelling the Reasons Behind My Passion for Teaching and Fitness Coaching

On addictions

Overload, Hormesis, Vaccination and how it relates to your goals

The old-but-new in Fitness

If it was harmful ...

Navigating Life's Labyrinth: The Power of Abstraction

What is the best exercise for you, should you join a gym and other FAQs

My Personalised Path to Self Help: Discarding Faux Fun, Amplifying Positivity, and Regular Self-evaluations

Beyond the Hype: What No One Is Telling You About Fitness

Pondering a Redo: My Unanticipated Results and Unrealised Targets in Fitness

The Power of Failing: Building a Successful Future through Introspection

Mentorship and Mastery: A Winning Combination for Personal Health Enhancement

The Dynamic Spectrum of Gym Approaches: From Heavy Lifting to Zen Time

Transform Your Health Landscape: The Power of Incremental Lifestyle Adjustments

My 7-year journey to becoming India's first StrongFirst Elite Instructor

The Battle of the Bulge: Decoding the Art of Weight Management

Your failed diet is not your fault

The Sustainable Guide to a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan Without Compromising Your Cultural Eating Habits

Demystifying Fat Loss aka Fat Loss 101

Breaking Free from False Limitations and Becoming Amazing

The Power of Preventative Health and Fitness Before it Hits the Danger Zone

How to get motivated and start exercising at 40

The Underrated Power of Sleep

Discover How Finding Your Intent Can Revolutionise Your Fitness Journey

How to Train Year-Round: Mastering the Art of Sustainable Strength Training

Turning Negativity into Personal Growth

Transform your life: Why fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are for the long haul

The deeper cost of harmless distractions and addictions

The impact of checking in with yourself

Listen to yourself

A few guidelines on reading

Four diverse pieces I'd like to share with you

Changing your mind is a GOOD thing

How to MULTIPLY your fitness levels

Get healthier without missing out on your favourite foods

Two reasons to NOT strength train

Energy levels and replenishment for a better YOU.

Consistently intense

The drama triangle and other stories

How to tackle stress eating?

Do you have a hydration problem?

10 sure-fire tips to help you achieve your 2023 goals